20W50 Motor Oil | $649.00/per 55 Gal | Conventional 20W50 Motor Oil 55 Gallon Drum

Free Delivery! Sinopec Justar J500 20W/50 SL|CF Engine Oil (API SL for Gasoline and API CF for Diesel) is formulated with highly refined base oils and a high-quality multi-functional additive system. This multipurpose oil can be used in many petrol and diesel passenger cars and light vehicles operating under normal or elevated ambient operating conditions, providing excellent engine protection.

Price: $649.00 per barrel 20W50 - Call: 855-405-6789 | Free Delivery Nationwide!


What are the benefits of using 20w50 motor oil?

  1. On engines intended to use 10W40 when on a hot climate, (mild to high ambient temperature on startup):
  2. Might help worn engines mitigate their oil consumption, as long as mainly driven on the low to mid RPM range (Ideally 10w/15w -50).
  3. Only usable on warmer (never cold or freezing) climates, OR... 
    Just One to two cold starts a day, whichever comes first!
  4. Very affordable Oil, no more need to postpone oil changes, if you DIY!
  5. In a pinch, you can use it to top up your gear-box (or differential, on the thin side), but with no ‘synchros’ eating EP additives either!
  6. You can use it to top up your Manual Transmission (gearbox), especially if you use a polar gearbox additive alongside.
  7. HTHS -Bellow, you can see why the best engine protection on the HOT /Hard driving /Racing /Towing /Warm climates starts at 10w~15w!.. 5w-40 hasn’t the high temp(150ºC) high shear resistanceof a 15W-40 (3.7cP), despite having the same Operating Temp. weight (-40)!