229.51   Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils (Specification 229.51)

The following product list should help you to select the correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from the variety of products in the market.
We are recommending to use exclusively the products listed in the following overview, because only these products have been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.
We recommend using only products

  1. which are distinctly marked with the label indicating the approval of Mercedes-Benz, e.g. “MB-Approval 229.51”. Labels referring e.g. to “MB 229.51” don't have an approval of Mercedes-Benz.
  2. Which are listed in the current MB BeVo. Only listed products are tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.


Sinopec JUSTAR J700F Plus Engine Oil Summary Product description Sinopec JUSTAR J700F Plus Engine Oil is a super-premium product formulated with fully synthetic base oils and an advanced high-quality multifunctional additive package to provide effective protection to both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Specially designed to meet the requirements of GM Dexos2, ACEA C3 and API CF for light duty diesel engines; also suitable for gasoline engines that require an API SN quality oil.

For Sale 55-Gallon Drum 229.51 Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils (Specification 229.51)



Sinopec JUSTAR J700F Plus Engine Oil is suitable for use in:

 Both turbocharged and naturally aspirated light duty diesel engines.

 Light duty diesel engines fitted with modern exhaust gas after treatment systems, e.g. diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

 Gasoline engines fitted with three-way catalytic convertors (TWC).

 High performance cars and light vans with diesel or gasoline engines designed to meet Euro IV (ADR 80/02) or Euro V (ADR 80/03) emissions regulations.

Features and benefits

 Combination of synthetic base oils and antioxidant additive package extends oil life even under high temperature operating conditions.

 Excellent detergent and dispersant properties reduce the formation of sludge, keep the engine clean and reduce component wear.

 Special formulation protects diesel engines from harmful soot deposits, extending engine life.

 Excellent antiwear properties prevent energy loss through frictional wear and extend engine life.

 Low SAPs formulation protects expensive emission reduction systems and prolongs catalyst life.

 Ultra-low evaporation loss reduces oil consumption, extends oil change intervals and reduces exhaust emissions.

 Robust oil, resists degradation between oil changes and maintains optimum performance for longer.

 Outstanding shear stability ensures that the oil does not break down in severe service conditions, and so ensures optimum protection of engine components.

 Compatible with seal materials normally used in engines, to extend their life and prevent oil leakage under high engine pressure.

 Specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of GM Dexos2 for diesel engines. Product Data Sheet The information contained herein is subject to change without notification due to continuing research & development therefore properties may be subject to slight variations.