Sinopec is a global tier one lubricant manufacturer.

OEM Specification and Endorsement

Sinopec products are approved to both the latest American (API) and European standards. Additionally, Sinopec products have recieved technology certificates from respected original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Sinopec lubricants are 'factory fill' and 'service fill' to some of the world's largest and best known OEMs. In addition to industry standards and OEM approvals, SinopecĀ continue to haveĀ ongoing communication with key OEM technical departments to ensure Sinopec's product specifications are in-line with the OEM's ever changing performance criteria.


Quality Control

Sinopec use only 100% new packaging. This is particularly relevant to IBC's where there are many issues with the use of refurbished IBC's such as different fittings, quality, product contamination and collection. Our offer of new Schultz IBC's ensures consistently high quality new units with Schultz global ticketing service. No repacking of any lubricating oils. Full COA available by blending batches. Centralised supply points. All Sinopec products come from a single supply point guaranteeing continuous QC, this differentiates from our competitors - impacting the oil analysis consistency.

Sinopec is the second largest oil refiner in the world and one of the largest lubricant manufacturers. Sinopec's products have been designed and developed in conjunction with the major global OEMs and with direct input from itsĀ American customers. Every year in recent times, Sinopec has ranked among the world's largest oil and gas companies and is currently the largest energy company in the world by turnover (Forbes 2020). Sinopec produces more than 1.46 million tons of packaged lubricants per year from 12 lube oil & grease blending and manufacturing branches and 2 major R&D Centres in the Asia Pacific Region. Sinopec supplies over 2000 kinds of lube oils and greases across all 21 major product categories.

The quality of Sinopec lubricants meets or exceeds the performance of the best, well-known products in the market. Sinopec offer meets our competitors' products in quality, durability, and value for money. Whether that be mining, transport, agriculture, earth moving or just your truck and car, Sinopec manufactures the full range of oils and greases for your machinery.