$280 Each - Green HD Coolant/Antifreeze 50/50 - (4) 55 Gallon Drums


Free Delivery!  Green HD Coolant/Antifreeze 50/50 - (4) 55 Gal. Barrels

Sinopec FD-2 Green Coolant / Antifreeze is a universal prediluted coolant. With a low freezing and high boiling point, Sinopec FD-2 Coolant provides maximum engine protection under the most severe conditions.  Pre-blended for easy use.

Compare to: CAT DEAC, Shellzone Antifreeze

Certifications: ASTM D 4985-05, ASTM D 3306-05, SH/T 0521-1999

Pack Size: (4) 55 Gallon Plastic Drums (200L Volume)

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Sinopec FD-2 Coolant/Antifreeze is suitable for use in:

  • Heavy duty trucks or passenger cars requiring engine coolant.
  • Providing outstanding and durative high temperature anti-corrosion protection for aluminum alloy of modern engines and cast iron liner of diesel engines, suitable for engines fueled by gasoline, diesel, LPG and CNG.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent cooling ability, suitable for cooling system of various vehicles in cold weather.
  • Outstanding anti-corrosion property, providing excellent high temperature anti-corrosion protection for aluminum heat conductive surface in automotive engine.
  • With low freezing point and high boiling point, realizing all day long protection for engines used year round, providing anti-freeze protection at minimum temperature of -36C, and anti-boil protection at maximum temperature of 109C.
  • After simulated service corrosion test of 1176h, the test piece still looks new, demonstrating perfect performance.

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