Shipping for Commercial/Industrial addresses

Free Shipping on all 2.5-Gal Jugs

Free Shipping on all 5-Gal Pails

Free Shipping on all 275-Gal Totes

Free Shipping on all (2) or more 16-Gal Drums | add $49 for (1) Drum deliveries 

    Free Shipping on all (2) or more 55-Gal Drums | add $49 for (1) Drum deliveries  


    Transit Times 

    Customers are liable for shipping and restocking fees if they decide to refuse a shipment that has taken too long. All deliveries are estimated ETAs unless it is paid 'expedited' or 'guaranteed' shipment.

    **Due to large capacity constraints shipping to locations in Oregon, Washington, and Louisiana have been delayed for 2 - 4 weeks in certain instances.**


    Definition of Commercial/Industrial Address

    Commercial addresses are those defined by our third party national freight carriers as commercial sites. Typically these addresses are zoned as commercial real estate. Most commercial sites have tractor-trailer access and a loading dock.

    Shipping Questions? Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604)


    Definition of Residential Address

    The fact that a business is operated from a location does not qualify it as a commercial address. Any business being operated from a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live on the premises is considered to be a residential address. In most cases, our freight carrier will contact you to make an appointment before delivery is attempted to a residential address. There is an additional fee for residential delivery addresses. 

    Shipping Questions? Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604)


    Common Carrier Delivery Options

    Commercial Address without Liftgate Service

    To qualify for this rate the address must meet the terms of a commercial address, as defined above. In most cases, it will also have tractor-trailer access with a loading dock suitable for unloading with a pallet jack or forklift.

    Commercial Address with Liftgate Service

    To qualify for this rate, the address must meet the terms of a commercial address, as defined above. Liftgate delivery is provided for those businesses not equipped with a loading dock. There is an additional fee for liftgate service. Please be sure to select this service during checkout.

    Residential Address without Liftgate Service

    This shipping method should be chosen with extreme caution. Most residential areas are not suitable for delivery without a liftgate. The driver, in most cases, will NOT be able to assist with the unloading of the shipment. Please remember that it is solely your responsibility to remove the shipment from the truck. Items shipped via common carrier are typically large and heavy. Please have the necessary manpower/equipment available to receive your items with limited delay to the driver.

    Residential Address with Liftgate Service

    Most residential deliveries via common carrier should choose this method. Freight carriers prevent their drivers from assisting with the unloading of heavy equipment other than to lower it via the liftgate to ground level. Please have the necessary manpower available to receive your items with limited delay to the driver. There is an additional fee for liftgate service.  

    Shipping Questions? Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604)


    In-stock Locations, all items will ship from the following:

    • Houston, TX
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Ontario, CA
    • Toms River, NJ


    100+ Ship to Pickup Locations (click on map)

    Same-day Pickup Warehouse Locations

    Houston, TX - Jacksonville, FL - Ontario, CA - Toms River, NJ


    Questions? Call: 1-855-405-6789 

    Large items (Kegs, Drums, Pallet Bundles & Totes) ship via LTL Freight. For free freight delivery eligibility the address must be zoned industrial, receiving hours between 8am & 5pm M-F, must to be accessible by a 53’ tractor trailer, and equipped with a loading dock (48”- 52”) or a forklift on site to safely unload freight. A signature required on all deliveries. All single 5 gallon pails ship free via FedEx/UPS.   

    Estimated Delivery Date 

    Standard delivery is within 1-10 business days of ship date to most metropolitan areas.  If you have a specific shipping requirement or your order is time sensitive, please reach out to the shipping department for assistance.

    Please note due to capacity many ETAs have currently been extended due to the global pandemic (2021)


    Shipping Department Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604)

    8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST M-F


    Same Day Order Processing Cutoff

    In stock items will ship the same day if received & verified before 10:00 am ET (Monday - Friday)

    Rush Order processing available for emergency shipments. Please call customer service for rush order processing: 

    Customer Service

    Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 601)

    8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST M-F

    Please note, if this is your first order, there many be a longer than normal processing time for address verification. To expedite the process, please provide a phone number that is easily accessible during business hours or call the shipping department after you place your order:

    Shipping Department

    Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604)

    Hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET M-F



    Please log into your account to track your shipment. Your tracking number will also be sent to you via, a third party website which makes it even easier to track your order. Shipping is updated within 24 hours of the order leaving the warehouse. In some cases, your shipment will deliver before tracking is uploaded.

    Freight tracking links will provide an estimated delivery date. Please check the carrier website the morning of delivery (9:00 - 10:00AM in most cases) to view delivery window. If no window is posted by 10:00am; your shipment may have rolled over to a further date. Please note the customer must actively check the tracking # after delivery as we do not send live updates. 

    Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604) for further assistance.


    Receiving Your Freight Shipment

    Safely unload freight from tractor trailer

    Inspect your products

    • Count all items, make sure they match with items on delivery sheet
    • Remove packaging to look for concealed damages or leaks
    • If product looks wet or dented, please make sure contents are not damaged 

    If items are damaged or missing, please note the damages and/or shortages on the delivery receipt and sign.  DO NOT SIGN UNLESS YOU HAVE FULLY INSPECTED YOUR SHIPMENT.  Once you sign for your shipment, you are saying that you guarantee all items received are in the condition specified.  As the purchaser, you have the right to fully inspect your product.

    Replacements or refunds will not be issued for any damaged packaging that does not cause loss or leaks of actual product (i.e. damaged boxes, dented drums). 

    Minimum Order Quantity 55 GAL Drums

    2 drum minimum for free shipping- Single drum orders subject to a $49 single drum delivery surcharge

    How to drop the charge:

    1. Add another Keg, Drum, or Tote to your order
    2. Partner with a neighbor to share a shipment
    3. Pick up at one of our stocking locations
      1. Ontario, CA
      2. Houston, TX
      3. Toms River, NJ
      4. Jacksonville, FL


    Remember: pails, totes, cartons and bundles ship free everyday-no minimums


    Free Freight Delivery Eligibility 

    1. Zoned industrial
    2. Receiving hours between 8am & 5pm (Monday - Friday)
    3. Accessible by a 53’ tractor trailer
    4. Equipped with a loading dock (48”- 52”) or a forklift to quickly and safely unload freight
    5. Signature required for delivery


    Exclusions & Rural Locations

    1. Residential or home businesses, Farms, Ranches, Limited Access Locations, Construction sites, Mines, Quarries, Natural Gas or Oil Fields (the site of any pit, excavation shaft, shaft or deposit at which coal, ore or minerals is, has been or will be extracted. Such site or “mine” shall include the property upon which the mine is located). Steel Mills, Nuclear Generating Stations, Military Installations, Government buildings, Business ranches, Island deliveries including Key West, Florida, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and Manhattan. 
    2. Schools or Universities, Wind-farms, Camps, Flea Markets, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Marinas, Yacht clubs, Libraries, Vineyards or Wineries, Orchards, Country Clubs or Social Clubs, Ski Resorts, Chalets or Lodges, Prisons, Airports,  Churches or places of worship, Native American Reservations, Utility Sites,  Fairs or carnivals, Individual mini-storage units, establishments not open to walk-in public during normal business hours.
    3. Establishments not having personnel readily available to assist with pickup or delivery, establishments not having access to a loading/unloading dock or platform, Sites where security inspections and/or sign in processes are required before pickup or delivery can be performed.
    4. Locations where pick up or delivery requires smaller than 48 foot trailers, including but not limited to straight trucks.  
    5. Rural Locations are excluded from free delivery. Rural locations include, but are not limited to WY, WA, MT and parts of CA, ID, ND, SD, NE, UT, NM, MO, CO, TX & KS. Indirect zones are usually located in remote or rural areas and considered non-metro. Every state may have rural zones.

    If you are unsure if your location is excluded from free shipping please call or email our shipping department for verification:

    Shipping Department

    Call: 1-855-405-6789 (Ext. 604)

    8:30-5:00pm ET M-F


    You can also pickup at any our warehouse or freight terminal pickup locations. Certain restrictions apply to each specific warehouse or freight terminal.


    Additional Shipping Services

    Our logistical team can accommodate the most difficult deliveries. If you have conditions that do not meet our standard shipping, our team will provide a package of services to deliver to your highest expectations.

    Added services included but are not limited to:

    • Delivery Appointments/Notifications
    • Trade show Delivery
    • Site/Limited Access Deliveries
    • Same Day/Next Day Delivery
    • Liftgate Service
    • Residential Delivery
    • Rural Delivery
    • Delivery via Singing Telegram

    At checkout, please send a note of the services needed for delivery and the shipping team will send an updated shipping quote.

    Any additional accessorial services (e.g. liftgate service, appointment, reconsignment) requested by the consignee, after the time of purchase, shall be billed to and paid for by the consignee.  Please make sure to track your shipment and have ready any equipment needed to complete the delivery.

    You can also request a quote at:



    Warehouse Pickups

    If you are not always at your location or you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, we offer an easy terminal warehouse pickup option. We ship to a location close to you. When your order arrives at the terminal you can simply pick it up.

    Search for a pickup location on the cart page.  

    How it works:

    1. First add the product or products to cart. Click on the shopping cart top right of the page, that will take you to a page to view your cart.
      1. Scroll down and click on CHOOSE A PICKUP LOCATION and enter your zip code or address and a list of locations will be available to select from under the map. Choose your location by clicking on your selected pickup location.
    2. Continue to checkout, your pickup location will automatically populate in the Pickup Address.
    3. You will receive tracking information when your order is on route to the selected pickup location.
    4. Your shipment will be available for pickup when the tracking status changes to available for Will Call or when the terminal calls you to arrange pickup.
      1. Most terminals are open for pickups between (8am-4pm | M-F).
      2. All pickup locations have loading docks, ramps and forklifts to load your pickup truck, flatbed, van, straight truck, etc.  
      3. When picking up your order, you will need your sales order number and a valid government-issued photo ID.