Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy


DRUMS: There is a $49 surcharge for single 55 Gal Drum deliveries. 
(2+) Drums Ship Free per your location and meets eligibility listed below.

TOTES: Ship Free as delivery address meets eligibility listed below.


Freight Shipping

Shipments over 150 lbs (kegs, drums, totes, pallets of pails, pallets of jugs) will ship via freight carrier. All first time customers will be contacted to verify shipping. Free shipping is only available to addresses that meet the following requirements. You can still check out, but you will be contacted with additional shipping options if you do not meet the free delivery requirement.


Same-day Shipping 

West Coast - Must order by 11:00 am PST Monday - Friday

Midwest - Must order by 11:00 am CST Monday - Friday

South Central - Must order by 12:00 pm CST Monday - Friday

South East - Must order by 10:00 am EST Monday - Friday

North East - Must order by 12:00 pm EST Monday - Friday


Free Freight Delivery Eligibility

  1. Must be zoned commercial or industrial
  2. Must be owned or leased by a registered business
  3. Must have receiving hours between 8am & 5pm (Monday - Friday)
  4. Must be accessible by a tractor trailer
  5. Must be equipped with a loading dock (48”- 52”) or a forklift to quickly and safely unload freight
  6. Must have turnaround space for a 53ft tractor trailer 
  7. Notification or appointment will not be provided prior to delivery
  8. Personal must be present at time of delivery to receive order 


    1. Residential or home businesses, Limited Access Locations, Construction sites, Mines, Quarries, Natural Gas or Oil Fields (the site of any pit, excavation shaft, shaft or deposit at which coal, ore or minerals is, has been or will be extracted. Such site or “mine” shall include the property upon which the mine is located). Steel Mills, Nuclear Generating Stations, Military Installations, Farms or Ranches and Island deliveries.
    2. Schools, Wind-farms, Camps, Flea Markets, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Marinas, Yacht clubs, Libraries, Vineyards or Wineries, Orchards, Country Clubs or Social Clubs, Ski Resorts, Chalets or Lodges, Prisons, Airports,  Churches or places of worship, Native American Reservations, Utility Sites,  Fairs or carnivals, Individual mini-storage units, Commercial establishments not open to walk-in public during normal business hours.
    3. Commercial establishments not having personnel readily available to assist with pickup or delivery,  Commercial establishments not having access to a loading/unloading dock or platform, Sites where security inspections and processes are required before pickup or delivery can be performed.
    4. Locations where pick up or delivery requires smaller than 48 foot trailers, including but not limited to straight trucks   
    5. Island deliveries include Key West, Florida
    6. Deliveries requiring an appointment or delivery notification
    7. Weekend deliveries
    8. Single drum orders*
    9. Located in an Indirect Zone**
    10. Locations outside of the continental US including Alaska, Hawaii, ect. 

    *Single Drum Surcharge  ($49 surcharge for single drum deliveries)

    **Indirect Zones

    (Out of network or indirect zones include the following states: WY, WA, MT, and parts of ID, ND, SD, NE, NM, CO, TX, KS) 

    Indirect zones are usually located in remote or rural areas and considered non-metro. Every state may have indirect zones that will be subject to additional fees. Please call our shipping department 1-855-405-6789 before placing your order and check if your location is indirect if your state is listed above.


    UPS Ground

    All items under 150 lbs (individual pails and jugs) will ship free via UPS Ground.


    Terminal Warehouse Pickup

    If you are not always at your location or you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, we offer an easy terminal warehouse pickup option. We ship to a location close to you. When your order arrives at the terminal you can pick up at your convenience. Find a terminal here