SLIDEWAY OIL 220 Suppliers (55 Gallon / Price: $649.00)

Slideway Oil 220 is a stable, high-quality slideway-lubricant, specially formulated for trouble-free lubrication of slideways of industrial machines like lathes, grinding machines, milling machines and cutting machines. Excellent adhesive and friction properties, prevents stick-slip and ensure smooth movement.


Industrial metal working machines like lathes, grinding machines, milling machines, cutting machines.
Lubrication of slideways guide carriage & tailstock.
Tool milling machines slideways.

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Fit for use:
Slideway Oil shows that there is zero stick-slip in all stages of machine tool travel which provides the following benefits:
- Correct positioning of machine tool relative to work piece;
- Minimized rejection rates;
- Extended cutting tool life;
- Correct surface finishing;
- Less downtime hence higher output.
Other advantages:
- Stable lubricating film;
- Low coefficient of friction;
- Excellent corrosion protection of steel and non-ferrous metals;
- No discoloration of the slideways;
- Good separation from a wide range of aqueous based cutting fluids.

Performance levels:
ISO 19378 GA, GB
ISO 11158 HG