AW 46 Hydraulic Oil PRICE LIST

AW 46 Hydraulic Oils contain a zinc anti-wear additive that is designed to protect hydraulic systems and equipment by reducing wear. The quality of the base oil controls corrosion, oxidation, and suppresses foam and aeration. AW 46 hydraulic fluids have an International Standards Viscosity Grade or ISO VG of 46. This is the thickness of the fluid tested at 40 degrees Celsius. ISO VG 46 is the most popular grade due to its middle grade flow properties with a thickness that is equivalent to a SAE 15 weight lubricant.

These AW Hydraulic Fluids are used in a wide range of industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. Thinner hydraulic fluids flow better in cold temperatures but when they are too thin, can cause leaks as well as improper lubrication. Adversely, hydraulic fluids that are too thick, can cause sluggish operation in the cold weather and can starve the pumps of necessary lubrication. Make sure to check with the equipment manufacturer for proper viscosity requirements.

To help you decide which hydraulic fluid is ultimately best for your application. See the Technical Data Sheets  (SDS & PDS) on all the individual product pages. Technical Data Sheets or Product Data Sheets provide detailed product performance data as well as any specifications and or approvals the products meet.