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Lapping vehicle is the liquid cutting fluid used to carry the abrasive to the lap plate, maintain film strength, provide temperature transport for heat dissipation and provide lubricity. We offer both oil and water base lapping vehicle. Several water base products are provided in a concentrate form to help the customer save transportation expense. All vehicle products are available in several container sizes.

Oil Base Lapping Vehicle

Oil Base lapping vehicles should be used if a customer can use oil and petroleum cleaning solvents. This is not because of greater performance, but because of oil’s ease of use. Oil does not evaporate and the lap plate remains wetted between cycles, during lunch breaks and overnight. Oil vehicles are self-rinsing. This means that the excess lapping slurry will drain from the components, lap plate and waste trough. No problem is created when components are left on a lap plate overnight or over the weekend. The oil also serves as rust preventive so nothing need be done to the machine or components at the end of the workday except to cover the machine to prevent contamination from airborne matter.

Oil base products are the greatest volume sold of any vehicle product. An additive package is blended into ever oil based lapping vehicle to provide lubricity, extreme pressure capability and suspension properties. This is a general purpose lapping vehicle suitable for use in all applications where oil is a tolerable substance to come into contact with the components.

We offer several oil based vehicles for lapping, polishing and grinding applications. Our vehicles are designed to optimize the performance of all lapping, polishing and grinding machining technique as well as other processes requiring an abrasive slurry. The suspension qualities assure that the required abrasive/vehicle ratio is consistently delivered to the part/wheel interface. 

Water Base Lapping Vehicle

Water base lapping vehicles in most cases need to be mixed at a specific ratio with water prior to use. The mixing ratio depends on the lapping vehicle used to gain proper dilution and viscosity. The recommendation depend on the application, involving the processing of material e.g. glass, compound semiconductor, electro-optic, ceramic, jewel bearing, plastic, and other. Not all of our vehicles need to be mixed. Several pre-mixed products are available.

Another decision the customer has to make relative to lapping vehicle selection is which type of product: water or oil base vehicle. This may be an easy decision if the customer has a policy that mandates the use of water base. Some other firms have enacted policies that will not allow petrochemical cleaning solvents to be used in their facility. 

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