Eni Grease 00 Replacement Cross reference Grease NLGI-00

EP 00 is a lubricating grease formulated with a base oil and lithium soap especially suitable for the lubrication of enclosed gears, such as low and medium power gear reduction units that are lubricated or any similar lubrication application where the grease has to remain in service for a very long period.

It is particularly recommended for lubrication of worm and wheel gears, which are normally of steel and bronze respectively.

More generally EP 00 is suitable for lubrication of all enclosed systems that require a lubricant with the special characteristics of a semi-grease, or are designed for dip or oil-bath lubrication using high viscosity oils.

Some typical examples are sealed gearboxes of electrical and pneumatic tools, sealed household electrical appliances, gear couplings of various types, and centralized lubrication systems of rubber vulcanizing presses.


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