Premium Hydrostatic Fluid/Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

Compare to Cenex hydrostatic fluid 46 mv

Product Description

Sinopec L-HV Hydrostatic Oil/Fluid, ISO VG 46, SAE 10

Sinopec L-HV is a Hydrostatic Fluid 46 MV is a multi-viscosity oil which features exceptional quality hydrostatic/anti-wear hydraulic oil containing additional anti-wear additives. It is designed to exceed the performance requirements of major hydrostatic and hydraulic pump manufacturers.

Hydrostatic Fluid 46 is specially formulated with the highest quality base oils having outstandingstability. Theadditionofauniquely balanced additive system provides total anti-wear, oxidation, thermal, hydrolytic stability, anti-rust, demulsibility, and anti-foam performance.

Sinopec L-HV Premium Hydrostatic Fluid/Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil provides low-temperature properties for exceptional performance over a wide range of temperatures.