Premium Hydrostatic Fluid/Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

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Product Description

Sinopec L-HV Hydrostatic Oil/Fluid, ISO VG 46, SAE 10

Sinopec L-HV is a Hydrostatic Fluid 46 MV is a multi-viscosity oil which features exceptional quality hydrostatic/anti-wear hydraulic oil containing additional anti-wear additives. It is designed to exceed the performance requirements of major hydrostatic and hydraulic pump manufacturers.

Hydrostatic Fluid 46 MV is specially formulated with the highest quality base oils having outstandingstability. Theadditionofauniquely balanced additive system provides total anti-wear, oxidation, thermal, hydrolytic stability, anti-rust, demulsibility, and anti-foam performance.

The additional anti-wear agent used in Hydrostatic Fluid 46 oil helps minimize wear in high speed, high pressure vane, gear, and piston pumps using various metallurgy while meeting the lubrication requirements of hydrostatic pumps and drives. Hydrostatic 46 fluid is highly stable under thermal or oxidative stress and is exceptionally stable when in the presence of moisture.

Sinopec Hydrostatic 46 MV is a multi-viscosity oil formulated with an extremely shear stable viscositymodifier. Itprovidesexceptionallow temperature properties enabling performance over a wide range of start-up and operating temperatures.

Features and Benefits

Oxidation Control: Excellent oxidation and thermal stability reduces sludge and varnish providing protection of critical components while extending oil and equipment life. WearProtection: Thepremiumanti-wear technology provides exceptional film strength resulting in longer pump life.

Filterability: Superior hydrolyticst ability with quick water separation provides protection against filter plugging and deposits. Rustand Corrosion Protection: Reduced maintenance due to outstanding rust and corrosion prevention capabilities when moisture is present.
Foam Control: A special anti-foam agent promotes the rapid break up of foam and reduces air entrainment.
High Viscosity Index: The shear stability of Hydrostatic Fluid 46 L-HV provides exceptional viscosity stability, resulting in consistent operation throughout wide temperature ranges and drain intervals.
Reserve Quality: Hydrostatic Fluid 46 has the ability to maintain a high level of performance under the toughest operating and extended drain conditions.

Mobile/Industrial Hydraulic Systems

Electric Utility Maintenance Equipment

Skid-Steers hydrostats/hydraulics

Lawn and Turf hydrostats/hydraulics

Logging operations

Hydraulic systems recommending a multi-viscosity oil