Difference between Hydrostatic Fluid/Oil and Hydraulic Fluid/Oil 


HYDROSTATIC OIL/FLUID, ISO VG 32 or 46, SAE 10 or SAE 15 - 55 Gallon Drum

Sinopec Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil is a hydrostatic fluid intended to maintain its viscosity where there is a wide variation in ambient temperature. Ideal for severe service conditions and applications in waste trucks, precision presses and marine applications. Designed to meet the requirements of moderate- to high-pressure hydraulic systems operating outdoors in cold regions. Pour point -35°F.



AW 46 Hydraulic Oil Fluid ISO VG 46, SAE 15 - 55 Gallon Drum

Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 46 is a premium midweight paraffinic based hydraulic oil, ideal for industrial or equipment applications. It's a multipurpose hydraulic, suitable for most hydraulic needs. It is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited oil with the added benefit of an antiwear additive package for protection. Approved for industrial applications requiring an ISO VG 46.