Sinopec L-HM ISO 32, 46, and 68 are designed to give maximum hydraulic pump protection in mobile and stationary systems. They are formulated with ISO base stocks.

Available in 5Gal. Pails, 55Gal. Drums, 275Gal Totes 


ISO 32, 46, or 68 are recommended for:

• vane-, piston-, or gear-type pumps, especially where pressures exceed 1000 psi

• lightly loaded reciprocating compressors • motors and bearings


L-HM oils meet the requirements of:

• MAG Cincinnati, Cincinnati Machine P-68 (ISO 32), P-70 (ISO 46), P-69 (ISO-68)

• General Motors LS2 Specification, LH for anti-wear hydraulic fluids (ISO 32, 46, 68)

• ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94, Industrial Gear Lubrication, for gear lubrication as rust and oxidation inhibited gear oils (ISO 46, 68, 100, 150, 220) • DIN 51524-2


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