SINOPEC Dual Purpose Oil for Hydraulic and Transmission Systems is prepared with mineral base stock of high viscosity index and good quality multi-functional additives. Conforming to John Deere (J20c) specification, it meets hydraulic, transmission and wet brake with a common oil system. It is especially suitable for lubrication of hydraulic and transmission systems of imported powerful tractor, engineering and port machineries.


♦ Having multiple functions for hydraulic, transmission and wet brake systems

♦ Special viscosity index improves, ensuring good viscosity retention even in conditions Cf high temperature and heavy duty, prolonging service life of hydraulic transmission systems

♦ Outstanding fluidity and startup ability at low temperature, providing smooth cold startup and comfortable operation

♦ Special friction improver, providing smooth wet brake, reducing vibration, no noise, prolonging service life of device

Performance specification

The product meets the following specifications:

♦ John Deere (J20c)

♦ Ford (M2C134-D)

♦ Massey-Ferguson (M1135, M1141 and 1143)

♦ API GL-4

♦ Q/SH303 091-2007


♦ Suitable for lubrication domestic or imported powerful tractor, and other agriculture, forestry equipments with a common oil

♦ Suitable for hydraulic and transmission systems, wet brake and power output devices of various engineering and construction machineries system for transmission, differential, final drive, hydraulic, power take-off wet brake and power steering mechanisms