SINOPEC Marine oil Stresses on Product Quality to Expanding Global

Despite the intense competition and adjustment in global shipping market, SINOPEC Marine oil still maintained the momentum of steady growth in the sales volume from January to May 2014. It has successively reached cooperation agreements with several large shipping companies on supplying marine oil to dozens of ships, further taking the preemptive opportunities and expanding market shares. 

Various international certifications promote fast development

MAN recently raised the bar for the performance of supporting lubricants. SINOPEC Lubricants immediately, as a quick response launched standards for relevant products and shelved new products on the market, which has met customer demand.
SINOPEC Lubricants views the technological progress in the world’s marine lubricant market as a challenge as well as an opportunity, and tries to achieve transcendence through fast response. Meanwhile, it gathers pace in international technical certification, successively certified by organizations like MAN, a world-famous manufacturer of marine engines, and adapting to the new demand and future development of the shipping market. During January-May, SINOPEC Lubricants obtained 16 technical certificates from MAN, WARTSILA and other well-known marine engine manufacturers that cover three major categories of products, including marine cylinder oil, marine system oil and marine trunk piston engine oil.

Since 2006, SINOPEC Lubricants has aggressively expanded presence in the marine oil market with supply networks covering Singapore, Middle East, Greece, United States, Western Europe, South Africa, East Africa and West Africa. In August 2012, SINOPEC Lubricants materialized the first operation in the US through its outlet in New Orleans. In April 2014, it carried out negotiation on construction of marine oil outlets in Brazil, expected to make new headway in deployment of its global marine lubricant outlets.


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