Free Delivery | Price: 525.00 Per 55Gal. | SAE 10W-30 | Applications Total tractor lubrication, engine, gearbox, differential, hydraulic system. Suitable for use in implements. Tractors with wet brake system. Power take-offs. Combines Earthmoving machines Forklifts

Super Tractor Oil Universal can be used for the engine, the gearbox, the differential, and the hydraulic system. A real multi purpose use.

Sinopec STOU Tractor Oil is a Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) formulated with high-quality mineral base oils and a multi-functional additive system to meet the requirements of a wide range of equipment manufacturers. This multi-functional oil can be used in many different applications and is particularly useful in equipment where there is a common lubrication system supplying oil for different applications. It is available SAE grade 10W-30. 

STOU is a premium multi-functional oil specially formulated for use in agricultural equipment, engines, transmissions, and differentials with wet brake system and integrated hydraulic system. The product can be used for total tractor lubrication and is approved by many tractor manufacturers.

Approvals/Performance levels SAE 10W-30 API CF-4, CE/SF API GL-4 CASE-IH MS-1204,6,7,9 MF M1139, M1144, MF1145 Ford M2C-159-B, C Ford NH 82009201,2,3 Ford M2C86B,C, 134D, Caterpillar TO-2 John Deere JDM J27, J20C, J20D ZF TE-ML-06A,B,C,R, 07B Allison C3, C4