FAST FREE DELIVERY | Price: 525.00 Per 55Gal. | SAE 10W-30 | Applications Total tractor lubrication, engine, gearbox, differential, hydraulic system. Suitable for use in implements. Tractors with wet brake system. Power take-offs. Combines Earthmoving machines Forklifts

Super Tractor Oil Universal can be used for the engine, the gearbox, the differential, and the hydraulic system. A real multi purpose use.

Sinopec STOU Tractor Oil is a Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) formulated with high-quality mineral base oils and a multi-functional additive system to meet the requirements of a wide range of equipment manufacturers. This multi-functional oil can be used in many different applications and is particularly useful in equipment where there is a common lubrication system supplying oil for different applications. It is available SAE grade 10W-30.