1. Where do you ship from?

All orders in the United States, Canada, and South America will be shipped from one or multiple warehouses locations across the United States.


2. How long does it take to receive my order? Can I expedite my delivery?

Yes, we can expedite your order. Typically orders deliver between 1-5 business days anywhere in the country depending on your location.


3. How do I qualify for Free Shipping for 55 GAL DRUMS

(2+) Drums Free Shipping / Single Drum Order Surcharge $49 / (4) Drum Orders Free Shipping & Price Discount. Read Shipping Policy 


4. Can I pay to expedite or rush my order to deliver faster? 

Yes, Please call our shipping department for further assistance.


5. Where are the pickup locations?

With over a 100 locations to pick up from, click on MAP to view. 


6. Can I pickup at nearby warehouse?

Yes, enter your zip code and choose your warehouse pickup location at checkout. 


7. How do I track my order? 

Once your order is shipped, tracking information is emailed and available to view anytime.


8. How do I order if I am Tax Exempt? 

Click here for TAX Exempt 


9. How do I setup an account? 

Click here to set up your Online Account


10. Can you deliver outside the U.S?

Yes, delivery by ocean freight. please read International Shipping Policy 


11. How many people work at Sinopec? 

Number of employees: 249,142 (2018) Find local Current opportunities


Sinopec is a publicly traded company on the  NYSE: New York Stock Exchange. Sinopec Limited's parent, Sinopec Group, is the world's largest oil refining, gas and petrochemical conglomerate.  Sinopec's business includes oil and gas exploration, refining, and marketing; production and sales of petrochemicals, chemical fibers, chemical fertilizers, and other chemical products; storage and pipeline transportation of crude oil and natural gas; import, export and import/export agency business of crude oil, natural gas, refined oil products, petrochemicals, and other chemicals.