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AW 68 Hydraulic Oil - 275 Gallon Tote

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Sinopec L-HM 68 Antiwear Hydraulic Oil in ISO VG 68 is blended using selected and carefully refined high-quality mineral oils, combined with a multifunctional anti-wear additive system.  This AW68 hydraulic fluid has been designed to meet the requirements of major hydraulic pump manufacturers, and its applications include hydraulic systems used in industrial and marine applications as well as in mobile machinery, specifically formulated for machines and equipment requiring an ISO VG 68, ISO 68 or AW 68 hydraulic oil.  Pack Size: 55 Gallon Drum (200L Volume), Grade: ISO 68

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ISO 11158-HM, DIN 51524 Part 2, Cincinnati P69, Easton Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S, Parker-Denision HF-0

Cross Reference

  • Mobil Hydraulic AW 68
  • Mobil DTE Hydraulic Oil Medium Heavy
  • Mobil DTE 26
  • Shell AW Hydraulic 68
  • Shell Tellus MX 68
  • Shell Tellus M 68
  • Shell Tellus 68
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  • Shell Tellus 933
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  • Chevron AW Hydraulic HD 68
  • Chevron AW Machine Oil 68
  • Chevron AW Machine Oil 68
  • Chevron Rando HD 68
  • Chevron Rykon Oil AW 68
  • Chevron Rykon Oil 68
  • Exxon Univis J-28
  • Exxon Univis N-68
  • Exxon Humble Hydraulic 1197
  • Exxon Humble Hydraulic H54
  • Exxon Humble Hydraulic H68
  • Exxon Nuto H68
  • Exxon Nuto H48
  • Terrastic EP 68
  • Concoco Super Hydraulic 68
  • Phillips 66 Megaflow AW Hydraulic Oil 68
  • Also referred to as:   AW 68 Hydraulic Oil, AW 68 Hydraulic Fluid, ISO VG 68 Hydraulic Oil,    ISO VG 68 Hydraulic Fluid,  ISO 68 Hydraulic Oil, ISO 68 Hydraulic Fluid, Grade 68 Hydraulic Oil, Grade 68 Hydraulic Fluid


Sinopec L-HM 68 Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Fluid is suitable for use in:

  • Hydraulic applications in a wide variety of industrial, marine and mobile equipment where ISO VG 68 hydraulic fluid or AW68 hydraulic oil is recommended.
  • Vane and gear pumps operating under high loads, as recommended by pump manufacturers.
  • Severe service hydraulic systems, employing axial and radial piston pumps, as recommended by pump manufacturers.


Features and benefits

  • High-quality base oils combined with multi-functional additive technology provide outstanding anti-wear properties, rust protection, low varnish and deposit formation, good demulsibility, oxidation resistance, good anti-foam properties and fast air release properties, to protect and extend the life of hydraulic pumps and systems.
  • Good hydrolytic stability and filter-ability, ensure optimum product life and performance, and prevent filter blocking.
  • The wide selection of viscosity grades ensures that the optimum viscosity can be used for any hydraulic system operating temperature.
  • Fully compatible with common seal materials usually found in hydraulic systems, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.

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Can I use this product in place of Mobil DTE 26?

Yes, this product can be used as a replacement for Mobil DTE 26 hydraulic oIl.

What color is this oil?

The hydraulic oil oil is a light petroleum color.   

How does this ship?

This product ships via LTL Freight Carrier.  If you are unsure if your location can support freight deliveries, please call the shipping department at (885) 405-6789 ext. 604 or visit the Shipping Information page.

I need this today, can I pick it up?

Same day pickup is available from Toms River, NJ, Ontario, CA, Jacksonville, FL and Houston, TX.  Orders typically take 24 hours to process, so if you need to pick up today, please call shipping department at (885) 405-6789 ext. 604 to expedite your order.