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Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil *

  • Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil -
    from $95.00

    Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

    Sinopec Diesel Engine Oil TULUX T700 Full Synthetic CK-4 is formulated using synthetic high viscosity index group 3 base oils and Superior low SAPS...

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  • Monograde Diesel Engine Oil -
    from $379.00

    Monograde Diesel Engine Oil

    Sinopec Tulux CF is a heavy duty engine oil for on and off highway applications. High TBN for maximum service life and severe conditions. Suitable ...

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  • Non-Detergent Lubricating Oil -
    from $379.00

    Non-Detergent Lubricating Oil

    Sinopec Non-Detergent 30 Lubricating Oil is recommended for use in air compressors and other industrial applications where non- detergent oil is sp...

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  • Two-Stroke CF-2, CD II - SAE 40 Diesel Oil -
    from $79.00

    Two-Stroke CF-2, CD II - SAE 40 Diesel Oil

    Sinopec TULUX CF-2 (SAE 40) Two Stroke Diesel Engine Oil CF-2T is formulated with high-quality base oil and a multifunctional additive system. Low ...

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