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Way Oil ISO-VG-68 (Price: $385.00 - 55 Gallon Drum)

  • ISO viscosity 68
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • Recommended for horizontal slideways on small to medium size machine tools
  • Rust Protection, ASTM D 665B Pass
  • Flash Point, ASTM D92, °C 228

When you need oil for your machine, many types of oil will work – even motor oil. However, the best oil to use is oil designed specifically for lubricating machine ways. This type of oil has an additive that helps the oil stick to the surface. We suggest and use Way Oil with ISO viscosity 68.


Sinopec Way Oil L-HG 68 is recommended for the lubrication of machine tool slideway systems. They are designed for use with combinations of cast iron, steel and non-metallic way materials. Mobil machine oil may be applied by hand, forced-feed lubricator or in flood application by circulation system.


Sinopec L-HG 68 is suitable for use in applications that require Fives Cincinnati specifications P53, P47, and P50.

L-HG 68 is recommended for horizontal slideways on small to medium size machine tools. It is also suitable for circulating application in large machines and as a moderate duty hydraulic fluid. Mobil machine oil can be used for lubrication of ball screws, linear guides, headstocks, translating screws.


Sinopec L-HG 68 Series is recommended for applications where oil contamination of the aqueous coolants shortens coolant batch life.




Sinopec L-HG 68 Way Oil

ISO Viscosity Grade 68

cSt @ 40 C, ASTM D445 68

Flash Point, ASTM D92, °C 228

Pour Point, ASTM D97, °C -18

Copper Strip Corrosion, ASTM D 130C, 3 h 1B

Rust Protection, ASTM D 665B Pass

FZG Load Support, ISO 14635, Fail Stage 13

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