Sinopec HFC 4631 water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid is highly refined fire resistant hydraulic fluid taking water and glycol as base fluid with high level multi-functional additives such as anti-wear agent, anti-oxidizer, rust inhibitor, defoamer and so on. According to international standard classification, it belongs to water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid of ISO-L-HFC type.

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are classified as below

  • HFAE: Oil-in-water emulsions (mineral oil based)
  • HFAS: Synthetic, water based solutions (ester and/or polyglycol based)
  • HFB: Water-in-oil emulsions (mineral oil based)
  • HFC: Water-based monomer and polymer solutions (polyglycol based)
  • HFD (HFD R/ HFD U): Water-free fluid



      ♦ Excellent fire resistance, ensuring application safety in case of high temperature and contact with open flame

      ♦  Extremely low freezing point, ensuring easy startup in condition of low temperature

      ♦  Perfect high temperature stability (stable real solvent), no deterioration in long storage period of 2 years

      ♦  Good gas/liquid phase anti-rust ability, and anti-corrosion performance for copper, meeting anti-rust requirement for gas and liquid phases

      ♦  Outstanding lubricity, ensuring lubrication and service life of hydraulic oil pump

      ♦  A long service life not less than 10,000h under normal operating mode and work conditions


      The product meets the following specifications:

      ♦  Q/SH PRD122-2008


      ♦  Important fire resistant hydraulic media comprehensively used in hydraulic system in conditions of open flame and high temperature

      ♦  Suitable for hydraulic system requiring fire resistance in such industries as steel, coal mine, light industry, chemical engineering, machining, plastic
processing and so on

      ♦  Applied temperature range: -50ºC~60ºC; applied pressure: 20MPa

Typical properties

  HFC 4631 water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid 
 Grade 40 
                                            Grade 50
                                                                                            Transparent liquid of red
 Viscosity, mm2/s
 Viscosity index
 Density (20ºC), g/cm3
 Freezing point, ºC
 pH value
 Copper piece corrosion (T2Cu, 50ºC×3h)
Foam performance, mL
Foam tendency
Foam stability