55 gal. Drum Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF (PRICE: $279.00)

SHOP $279.00 DEF Fluid 55Gal.

Certifications: API Certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF, ISO 22241, DIN V 70070, JIS 2247, BS ISO 22241

Pack Size: Blue Drum 55 Gallon

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SINOPEC Galance Aqueous Urea Solution AUS 32 is suitable for use in:
  • Heavy commercial vehicle using SCR system to comply with Euro 5 and 6.
  • Diesel engines with SCR technology.
Features and benefits
  • Clear, non-toxic and safe to handle.
  • Strict alkalinity control , ensure the service life of the product
  • Ultra-low metallic content , avoid catalyst poisoning, effectively extending the life of the SCR system
  • Ultra-low biuret、phosphate and aldehydes content , avoid blockage of the catalyst pores and nozzle , effective protection the SCR injection system
  • Reducing the emissions of NOx and the fuel consumption with SCR technology






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