Sinopec L-TSA Turbine Oil (ISO 32 Grade) 55 Gallon Drum

Minimum Order: 500 drums

Price: $299.00 per drum delivered to Miami, Florida

Lead Time: 30-45 

Payment: Payment in advance


L-TSA turbine oil is blended with high quality base oil and well-chosen additive. With perfect water separation performance and excellent oxidation stability, it is suitable for lubrication of large power turbine units. The product comprises several grades such as 32, 46 and 68 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40℃. Advantages

◎ Perfect water separation ability, rapidly and thoroughly separating water from system, no matter for what reason it enters

◎ Excellent oxidation stability, prolonging service life of oil

◎ Good air release performance and anti-foaming ability, effectively reducing cavitation of pump

◎ Outstanding anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, effectively avoiding rust of equipment Performance

The product meets the following specifications:

◎ GB 11120-89 (Premium)

◎ Siemens TLV 901304 (ISO VG32)

◎ Alstom Power HTGD 90117 (ISO VG32/VG46) Applications

◎ Suitable for lubrication and sealing of large power turbine, large/moderate type ship and other industrial steam turbine, gas turbine and water turbine unit.

Typical properties

Items L-TSA  turbine oil ISO viscosity grade 32 46 68