TO-4 (10W, 30W, 50W) lubricant designed primarily for use in transmissions, hydraulic systems, differentials and final drives of Caterpillar equipment. It possesses the required wear, oxidation, deposit control, frictional characteristics and seal compatibility as set forth in Caterpillar specification TO-4. It will provide excellent service in both new and older Caterpillar equipment. It also meets the Allison C-4 requirements for use in Allison powershift transmissions.

This oil is also recommended for use in some manual transmissions where the following combination of specifications are allowed: GL-1, API CD, and CAT TO-2.


● Good friction retention - Consistent shifting

● Excellent oxidation stability - Minimizes lacquer deposits

● Rust/Corrosion prevention - Protects internal parts

● Wear protection - Even highly loaded parts

● Good seal properties - Controls swelling, hardening and cracking Additional Information on Reverse TO-4 Fluids

Applications/Specifications: TO-4 Fluids Meet or Exceed the requirements of the following specifications:

● Caterpillar TO-4, TO-2 (obsolete)

● Allison C-4, C-3 (SAE 10w, 30w)

● ZF TE-ML 03

● ZF TE-ML 01 (obsolete)

● Komatsu

● Komatsu Dresser

● Eaton

● Transmissions requiring API CD/TO-2 fluids Typical Physical Specifications: SAE Grade 10w 30w 50w