Texas Lubricant Distributor

Looking for a local Texas Lubricant Distributor, good news, we are right around the corner!  With a warehouse in Houston, it's easy to get next day, even same day delivery in Houston.  Have other locations to service?  Our nationwide shipping allows for central ordering to all of your locations across the US.  

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Your nationwide or TX source for hydraulic fluid, engine oil, 15w40, gear oil, 80w90, red grease, moly grease, coolant and more!

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Cross Reference 15W40

He's a helpful cross reference guide comparing:

  • Sinopec Tulux T600 15W40 
  • Shell Rotella T3 15W40
  • Mobil Delvac 1300 15W40
  • Chevron Delo LE 15W40
  • Valvoline Blue 15W40
  • Castol Tection Extra 15W40
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