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Sinopec L-HV 32 is a low conductive hydraulic fluid intended to maintain its viscosity where there is a wide variation in ambient temperature.  High dielectric strength, typically 35kV, acts as a multigrade viscosity oil.  Ideal for severe service conditions and applications in waste trucks, bucket trucks, precision presses and marine applications. Designed to meet the requirements of moderate- to high-pressure hydraulic systems operating outdoors in cold regions.  Pour point -35°F. 

Compare to: Shell Tellux V 32, Komatsu HO-56 HE,Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32, Valvoline AW-HVI 32

Certifications: Cincinnati Lamb P-68, Parker Densin HF-0, ISO 6743/4 (L-HV), DIN 51524 Pt. 3

Pack Size: 55 Gallon Drum

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Sinopec Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil L-HV is suitable for use in:

  • Moderate- to high-pressure hydraulic systems operating outdoors in severe cold regions or where there is a wide variation in ambient temperature, such as in the marine, construction, mining and oil-industries.

  • Vane and gear pumps operating under high pressure and low temperatures, as recommended by pump manufacturers.

  • Severe service hydraulic systems, employing axial and radial piston pumps, as recommended by pump manufacturers.


Features and benefits

  • High viscosity index combined with low pour point ensures excellent low-temperature fluidity and provides excellent low-temperature start up, protecting the hydraulic system from wear and extending life.

  • Excellent shear stability properties ensure good oil film thickness is maintained in severe service conditions, protecting the components of the hydraulic system. 

  • High-quality base oils combined with multifunctional additive technology provide outstanding anti-wear properties, rust protection, low varnish and deposit formation, excellent demulsibility, oxidation resistance, good antifoam properties and fast air release properties, to protect and extend the life of hydraulic pumps and systems.

  • Good hydrolytic stability and filterability, ensure optimum product life and performance, and prevent filter blocking.

  • The wide selection of viscosity grades ensures that the optimum viscosity can be used for any hydraulic system operating temperature.

  • Fully compatible with common seal materials usually found in hydraulic systems, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage

Snow Plow Manufacturers

The first snowplows were horsedrawn wedge-plows made of wood. With the advent of the automobile, a number of inventors set about to improve existing snowplows. In the US, patents were issued for snowplow improvements at least as early as 1920. In 1923, the brothers Hans and Even Everaasen of Norway constructed an early snowplow for use on cars. This proved to be the start of a tradition in snow-clearing equipment for roads, railways and airports, as well as the foundation of the company Everaasen Snow Removal Systems. Carl Frink of Clayton, New York, USA was also an early manufacturer of automobile-mounted snowplows. His company, Frink Snowplows, now Frink-America, was founded by some accounts as early as 1920. Today there are several companies manufacturing snow plows here is a list and some information about some of them.


SnowSport Snow Plows

No more hassling with shovels or snow blowers in the cold! Now you can plow from the comfort of your heated truck or SUV and clear snow in less than half the time. SnowSport HD’s heavy-duty construction allows for plowing in the most demanding conditions. It easily attaches to the front of your vehicle with our model-specific mount that’s included with the blade. The complete package comes standard with our one year warranty on all the plow parts, and our three year warranty on the rubber cutting edge.

SnowSport Snow Plows Company Website


Arctic Snow Plows

Since 1969, the roar of an orange Arctic snowplow has often meant the difference between shutting things down and keeping things moving. Confronted with some of the harshest conditions on the planet, Arctic has been there to put winter where it belongs – on the side of the road. With decades of manufacturing experience, Arctic has earned a reputation for performance and durability that is as much a product of brains, as it is of brawn.

Arctic Snow Plows Company Website


Blizzard Snow Plows

Blizzard strives to exceed customer expectations with innovative and high-quality snowplows and snow removal equipment. Professional snow plowers recognize BLIZZARD® snowplows for our cutting-edge product innovation that delivers unmatched versatility, productivity and profitability for our customers. Products like the POWER PLOW® snowplow, the industry’s first hydraulically adjustable expandable-wing snowplow, and the exclusive SPEEDWING plow , the unique easy-to-use multi-position snowplow that automatically adjusts wing-angle for maximum plowing efficiency, distinguish Blizzard as the plowing industry technology leader
Blizzard Snow Plows Company Website

Hiniker Snow Plows

Take a professional approach to snow removal! Hiniker Snowplows use box section frames and heavily reinforced moldboards for strength and durability. 30 inch tall high-curve moldboards move heavy snowfalls quickly. Our hydraulic scissors lift reduces transport bounce and bang. Convenient compact joystick controls can be mounted anywhere or held in the palm of your hand. And the Hiniker Quick-Hitch mounting system is one system that truly lives up to its name. Count on Hiniker, proven performance the professionals choice.
Hiniker Snow Plows Company Website

Viking-Cives Snow Plows

ere at Viking-Cives we pride ourselves on putting out only highest quality products to you our customers in the snow removal business. With it now being our 40th year in the snow removal business has allowed us to hone and fine-tuned our products so that they perform only at the highest levels out in the field. In addition to snowplows lines, here at Viking-Cives Group we also produce equipment needed to Apply salt & sand through the use of our Proline Stainless Steel & Aluminum Combination Salt & Sand spreader bodies. Viking is also a leading distributor of various dump bodies, platform bodies, lift gates and an assortment of related truck equipment. We represent many of the leading truck equipment manufacturers throughout North America. All of our products are sold through a network of distributors located throughout the United States and Canada.
Viking-Cives Snow Plows Company Website


Lawtons Snow Plows

The structural integrity of the LAWTON moldboard provides the “”super-structure”” for the smooth rolled 10 gauge skin. Standard equipment on every LAWTON snow plow is the HD-91
heavy duty semicircle assembly. The RO, MEP & LOW Series snow plows are available in trip-edge models. All LAWTON snow plows are available in a variety of length and heights. The LAWTON LP Series snow plows are basic, and designed with the same qualities found throughout the entire LAWTON product line. The LAWTON LP Series are rugged, durable and dependable, featuring a heavy-duty top and bottom angle on the moldboard. The semicircle assembly is copied from our larger plows, with a front tubular cross member. The adjustable trip springs, permitting plow trip adjustments, is standard on every LAWTON LP Series snow plow. There’s a LAWTON LP Series for virtually every size of small vehicle, from the compact 4WD to the fullsize 1 ton 4WD. In the LAWTON tradition, the LP Series can be designed to meet specific customer requirements. Standard lengths are 6′, 7′,8′ and 9′ with a choice between 24″” and 28″” height.
Lawton’s Machine & Equipment Company Website

Trailbuster Snow Plows

Page contains data on TrailBuster Dozer, Inc located in Grainfield, Kansas. Exclusive design splits snow drifts for faster plowing.
Rolls snow right or left with less side draft than conventional plows.Close hook-up design transfers less weight of stress to front axle.Straight cutting edge penetrates tough snow conditions with less wedging Can also be used effectively for many dirt moving and leveling jobs. Easy hook-up and removal. 1-year warranty
Trailbuster Snow Plows Company Website

Western Snow Plows

For over 60 years WESTERN has been leading the plow industry by providing top-quality snowplows and ice control equipment. For more than six decades the WESTERN brand has been the first choice for snow plow professionals with revolutionary technology, expertise in the plowing industry and state of the art manufacturing capabilities. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WESTERN is the leading manufacturer of CONTRACTOR GRADE® plows. WESTERN offers snow equipment for heavy-duty and standard-duty commercial snowplowing, institutional, extended-use homeowner and municipal snow removal operations. We have a full line of snowplows, and a variety of hopper and tailgate-mounted ice control sand and salt spreaders, in addition to our full line of snowplow parts and snowplow accessories.
Western Snow Plows Company Website

Fisher Snow Plows

Dedication to quality and service has been a FISHER tradition from the start. A proven and a trusted company, Fisher Engineering has been manufacturing snowplows for over 60 years in the coastal city of Rockland, Maine. Through the years our plowing equipment has earned us a solid reputation for reliability and strength, especially among commercial snow plow professionals.
Fisher Snow Plows Company Website

Boss Snow Plows

Northern Star Industries, Inc. acquired THE BOSS Snowplow more than 24 years ago and quickly became an industry leader and innovator. Using new technology and state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing, the company has pioneered a number of revolutionary features and equipment additions for snowplows, setting new standards within the industry.

Boss Snow Plows Company Website

Meyer Snow Plows

Meyer Products began building snowplows in 1926 on a farm in Newburgh, New York. It was then and there Meyer became the innovator, pioneer and leader of what would become an industry that plays a major role in wintermobility of today’s society. The first Meyer snow plow was made out of wood and was installed on a 1926 Buick. A local newspaper published a front-page editorial about Meyer auto snow plows and highlighted the benefits of a snowplow that would fit on an automobile. The idea caught on, and customers lined up to purchase Meyer auto snow plows.
Meyer Snow Plows Company Website

Snowbear Snow Plows

SnowBear Limited is a leading North American manufacturer of utility and landscape trailers, personal snowplows and related accessories. We strive to create products with innovative features that make our customer’s recreational and outdoor working lifestyles easier. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as the superior service and support we provide to our customers and retail partners. Company in Canada
Snowbear Snow Plows Company Website

Pathfinder Snow Plows

Pathfinder Snowplows has been in business for over 45 years! At Pathfinder we manufacture: Trip Edge and Spring Trip Snowplows for Domestic and Import Vehicles from 6.5 foot through 10 foot lengths. Tractor loader and universal sub-frame blades 5 foot through 10 foot Insert Dumper units for most Half through One Ton vehicles. Compact Truck Snowplows start at $2495 (6.5′ x 26″”)* and Full Size Truck Snowplows start at $2895 (7.5’x28″”)*. With a Pathfinder Snowplow and Insert Dumper combination, maximize the return on your equipment investment all year long. Trade in your truck – Re-mount your Pathfinder Snowplow and Insert Dumper at minimal cost on your next truck. Easy installation and designed to facilite remounting on your next truck at absolute minimum expense-never to exceed 1/3 cost of a new plow.
Pathfinder Snow Plows Company Website

Snowman Pull Snow Plows

Residential Products
Discover the SUV and light truck snowplow! Vehicles are built to pull, not push. The Sport/Utility Power Angle pull plow works with your vehicle by pulling the snow rather than pushing. Eliminate the possible risk of front-end damage to your vehicle from increased axle weight of a front mount plow.
Snowman Snow Plows Company Website

EZ-Plow Snow Plows

EZ-Plow is located in southern New Hampshire and is owned and managed by people who see the potential for this unique and revolutionary product to be distributed to homeowners and plowing contractors across the United States and Canada. We feel comfortable in saying that our EZ-Plow is the best rear-mounted plow on the market today. It’s ideal for homeowners with SUV’s and pickups, and it dramatically reduces plowing time for contractors when used in tandem with a front plow.
Super EZ-PLow Company Website

Falls Snow Plows

Falls Plows manufactures tough, top-quality, industrial-grade snow handling equipment including Snow Plows, Snow Wings, Scrapers, Spreaders and Scarifiers.
Reliability and innovation keep us the Midwest’s largest supplier of advanced design, high-quality truck, wheel loader and motor grader-mounted snow handling equipment. Our line of top-quality products doesn’t stop with the equipment, we offer the best service in the market, too. Little Falls Machine, Inc., Little Falls, Minnesota
Falls Snow Plows Company Website

Sno-Gate Snow Plows

Sno-Gate’s Performance Features and Capabilities: 3 times bucket yardage capacity, Reduces lateral spillage of snow
Excellent for long haul pushing, Scrape ice or hard pack, Back blade away from objects or walls, Clean loading ramps without damage to pavement, Ride over and properly clean speed bumps without damage to mechanism, Increase yardage capacity for loading trucks, Narrow design provides excellent maneuverability in traffic and confined spaces, Can be fitted to any size blade or bucket, Once fitted, Sno-Gate’s bolted assembly is easily removed and reinstalled
Individual deployment of blades, We factory guarantee 100% our product for 3 years! Some sno-gate owners report no down time after 10,000 hrs of use and still working as new.
Sno-Gate Snow Plows Company Website

Henke Mfg. Snow Plows

Henke Manufacturing is a recognized industry leader. For over 90 years, we’ve been designing and manufacturing snowplows and heavy duty snow-removal equipment, hitches and attachments for trucks, loaders and graders. enke Manufacturing • 3070 Wilson • Leavenworth, KS 66048 Centrally located in Leavenworth, Kansas, Henke Manufacturing has 90+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of snowplows and other attachments. Recognized as an industry leader, Henke’s unique product features have allowed Henke’s sales to grow significantly over the past several years. Sales of Henke’s products are handled through a network of industrial and truck equipment dealers located throughout the United States.
Henke Mfg. Snow Plows Company Website

Valk Manufacturing Company Snow Plows

Valk Manufacturing Company has been a recognized leader in high performance, high quality snowplows, cutting edges and related wear parts for more than 50 years.
The company has been privately owned since its founding in 1952 and offers custom design flexibility unequaled by any competitor in the market. From its one plant in New Kingstown, Pennsylvania, Valk has established a sales network that reaches every state in the union as well as a growing number of international outlets.
Valk Manufacturing Company Snow Plows Company Website

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