SINOPEC Oil is made from synthetic base stocks and mineral oils of super high viscosity index and multifunctional additives.

Sinopec second in Fortune Global 500 ranking. Sinopec moved up a rank to replace Royal Dutch Shell as the world’s second largest company in 2015.

Sinopec is ranked behind Wal-Mart Stores (1st) and ahead of Royal Dutch Shell (3rd), China National Petroleum (4th) and Exxon Mobil (5th).

The Lube Park is the successful outcome of extensive joint studies conducted by the three partners. Construction is planned to commence later in the year and is targeted for completion by 2015.

“We are very pleased to be part of this project. The new Lube Park is a great example of collaboration among companies and the Singapore government to find innovative solutions to optimise the use of resources in Singapore. Our Singapore operations are a vital part of our global lubricants business, as it supplies lubricants and greases to more than 30 countries in the Asia pacific region. These new facilities, when operational, will ensure we remain competitive but more importantly, allow us to enhance our offering to our customers,” said Dennis Cheong, Shell’s Vice President¸ Lubricants Supply Chain.

Sinopec Lubricants, the world's 
4th largest lubricant company. Sinopec is the 2nd largest oil refiner in the world. Sinopec is a publicly traded company on the New York, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchange.

Sinopec ranked 2nd for the annual ranking of the world's largest cooperations. Companies are ranked by revenue for 2015: