Additives High Premium Grade Base Oil Low Ash Content, Highly-refined, oxidation-resistant base stocks provide consistent, long-term lubrication to reduce friction, decrease heat and prevent wear. Acid Neutralizers Neutralize sulfuric acid to extend oil life, reduce acidic corrosion and prevent acid sludge breakdown of the oil. Friction Reducers Plates out on metal surfaces to prevent friction and wear under heavy loads. Anti-Wear Agents Forms a lubricant film on metal surfaces in the presence of heavy loads and high temperatures. Prevents cold welding. Shear Stabilizers Increase surface viscosity and improve shear stability to carry heavier loads, withstand extreme pressures and prevent shock impact. Dispersants Keep sludge, carbon, soot, varnish and gum suspended in the oil and carry them to the filter. Prevent deposits on high-contact surfaces. Detergents Prevent carbon and soot formation in ring grooves and upper piston areas at high temperatures to decrease blow by into the crankcase. Oxidation Inhibitors Extends service life of the lubricant by retarding the oxidation or break down process. Corrosion Inhibitors Shield sensitive metals against acids and other corrosive compounds. Rust Inhibitors Plate metal surfaces to retard metal deterioration and reduce abrasive rust contaminants. Pour Point Depressants Keeps oil flowing properly in cold temperatures.