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In the fast-evolving world of manufacturing, the performance of your injection molding machines hinges significantly on the hydraulic oil you use. At Sinopec, we provide specially formulated ISO 46 grade hydraulic oils, designed to meet the rigorous demands of Toshiba Injection Molding Machines and other high-precision equipment.

The Heart of Hydraulic Systems

The hydraulic system of any machine is its lifeline. This system relies not just on a well-designed setup and quality components, but critically on the hydraulic oil's cleanliness and properties. Our hydraulic oils are engineered to ensure that they not only transfer energy efficiently but also safeguard your machine's moving parts against corrosion and wear.

The Evolution of Hydraulic Technology

As hydraulic technology advances towards higher pressures, more compact designs, and greater integration, the role of electronic technology in hydraulic systems has grown. This evolution places increasingly stringent demands on the reliability, sensitivity, stability, and longevity of hydraulic systems. Choosing the right hydraulic oil is more crucial than ever, ensuring that your machinery meets these high standards.

Why Temperature Matters

For optimal performance, maintaining the hydraulic oil temperature between 45 to 50 degrees is essential. Fluctuations in temperature can alter the oil's viscosity, impacting critical components like cylinders and valves. This, in turn, affects the precision and sensitivity of your injection molding machine—factors that are non-negotiable in precision applications. Our hydraulic oils are formulated to maintain consistent performance across a range of operating temperatures, ensuring your machinery operates at peak efficiency.

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At Sinopec, we understand the pivotal role of high-quality hydraulic oil in the performance of your machinery. That's why we offer a selection of premium hydraulic oils tailored for various types of injection molding machines, including those from Toshiba, ensuring your operations run smoothly and your output remains top quality.

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