GREASE EP 00 Multipurpose Automotive & Industrial Gear Grease is a EP 00 semi-fluid, multipurpose grease. EP 00 grease is a high quality multipurpose lithium thickened EP grease suited for automotive and industrial applications.

The consistency EP-00 makes it suitable for use in centralized lubrication systems.  

EP 00 is based on high quality virgin mineral base oil in combination with an unique additive package to ensure the following properties:

• Good mechanical stability.

• High load carrying capacity.

• Good corrosion protection.

• Easy to pump at low temperatures

GREASE EP 00 exceeds the following performance criteria: DIN 51502 ISO 6743 GB00G-30 ISO-L-XCBEB00


EP 00 Semi-Fluid grease is suitable for the lubrication of enclosed gears and bearings in poorly sealed gear cases on most underground mining machinery with the exception of electric motor gearings. EP 00 grease can also be used in many other industrial applications where conventional gear oils cannot be retained in equipment such as gear cases, chain cases, because of leakage due to worn or missing seals.

EP 00 Lithium is intended for use on ball and roller anti–friction bearings as well as conventional sleeve bearings. EP 00 Lithium has wide acceptance in construction, trucking, industrial, automotive, marine and farm applications. Typical examples include shaker screens, crushers, asphalt plants, bucket pins, articulating joints, universal joints, couplings, king pins as well as truck and automobile chassis. EP 00 Lithium contains rust inhibitors and has good water resistance and long storage life. The base oils utilized in the Sinopec EP Lithium Grease, coupled with an oxidation inhibitor and EP additives, enable the grease to withstand continuous heavy loads and shock loads.


Available in 5gal/35lb bucket, 55gal/400lb drum, 275gal/2,000lb tote. 

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