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RED MULTI-PURPOSE LITHIUM GREASE - 55 Gallon Drum, 120lb Drum Keg, 35lb Bucket Pail

(55GAL. - 400LB. - $500.00 FREE DELIVERY)
(16GAL. - 120LB. - $150.00 FREE DELIVERY)
(5GAL. - 35LB. - $65.00 FREE DELIVERY)
This product is made of high temperature resistant composite thickening agent, adding high-temperature lubricant and soft metal powder and anti-corrosion, anti rust additives, refined.


Performance characteristics

  •  Screw thread excellent anti adhesive and antisintering
  •  High temperature resistant and thread sealingquality
  •  By repeatedly removing after tightening torque is still stable
  •  High temperature anti cracking 

Recommended applications

  • Applicable to prevent adhesion and sintering of various bolt thread, used in high temperature applications
  • Lubrication and protection applicable to turbine, engine, valve and other mechanical equipment.
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