Red HD Extended Life 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze (ELC/OAT) - 275 Gallon Tote

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Free Delivery!  Sinopec Environmentally Friend Coolant / Antifreeze is a Extended Life Coolant (ELC) enriched with Organic Acid Technology (OAT).  The coolant is a pre-blended 50/50 mix ready for use.   Service intervals up to 5 years of 100,000 miles in cars, buses and heavy duty trucks.  The product contains no amines, borates, nitrates, phosphates or silicates.  Red/Pink in color. 


Compare to: Chevron Delo Extended Life Coolant, CAT ELC, Shell HD Ultra ELC

Certifications: ASTM D 4985-05, ASTM D 3306-05, ZL01131412.5 (OAT Coolant)

Pack Size: 275 Gallon IBC Tote

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Sinopec Environmentally Friendly Engine Coolant YF-2A is suitable for use in:

  • Radiator systems of petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG-fuelled engines in passenger cars, trucks and buses.
  • Radiator systems of modern aluminum alloy engines.
  • Radiator systems of diesel engines fitted with cast iron cylinder liners.

Features and benefits

  • The advanced anticorrosion system provides excellent protection against crevice corrosion in aluminum and cavitation corrosion-erosion in cast iron, protecting the radiator components and ensuring longer life.
  • The non-silicate formulation protects against the formation of gels and deposits, even in the presence of hard water, ensuring improved coolant stability and longer effective coolant life.
  • Excellent heat transfer properties enable high-temperature engine parts (especially the aluminum heat-transfer surfaces found in some modern engines) to be effectively cooled and protected from damage.
  • Can offer a single coolant/antifreeze for use in a wide range of vehicles, so ideal for mixed fleet use.
  • Fully compatible with rubber tubing and sealing materials, and so prolongs the service life of water pump and seals.
  • Good stability enables the product to be stored year round without problems.
  • This environmentally friendly product contains no harmful, toxic or carcinogenic chemicals, and is not damaging to water or soil ecosystems.