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Heat Transfer Fluid is the only inhibited glycol Propylene Glycol USP/EP, a pharmaceutical grade of monopropylene glycol with specified purity greater than 99.8%. By contrast, competitor products are often made from recycled or industrial grade glycols, or from glycols derived from bio-renewable sources. These glycols typically do not meet USP specifications as they contain significant amounts of impurities like ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol, which at certain levels affect toxicity. They also may contain certain other impurities, such as dioxolanes which impart strong odors and cause excessive foam. A great way to prolong fluid lifetime and to lower your cost of ownership, is to use heat transfer fluid because it is made with the highest industry purity propylene glycol combined with long lasting, food safe, corrosion inhibitors.


Propylene Glycol Inhibited Heat Transfer Fluid 100% is a fully-formulated propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid containing an inhibitor and additive package that controls corrosion of metals, helps prevent scaling and the fouling of heat transfer surfaces, and buffers the pH to maintain it in the optimum operating range. Product is the accepted industry standard for multi-metal corrosion protection for steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and solder. This fluid is compatible with most plastics, elastomers, and types of rubber.

Typical Applications:

  • Natural Gas Pipeline Heaters and Bath Heaters
  • Solar Protection
  • Ice Rinks
  • HVAC Systems; Freeze, Burst, Corrosion Protection
  • Process Heating and Cooling
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Refrigeration Warehouse Floor Heating
  • Sidewalk Snow Melting Systems

100% concentrate formulation. 

Dyed florescent yellow for leak detection.

55 Gallon Drum