PRICE LIST for Logging Skidder Hydraulic Fluid

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Keeping on top of maintenance intervals Aside from day-to-day maintenance on skidders, there are several maintenance intervals that are important to note, each with specific tasks to perform. Follow the timeline below to ensure optimum performance. 10 hours – Check coolant, oil, hydraulic oil and transmission oil levels. Check and drain fuel water separators.

Grease the centre hinge, grapple, boom and arch pivots, cylinder pins, and the grapple yolk, dampener and pins.

100 hours – Keep those parts moving smoothly. Grease engine drive shafts and universal joints, steering cylinder pins, front axle pivots, blade pivots, and axle pinion seals. Also, grease the front and rear transmission output shaft seals, drive shaft support bearings, fairlead rollers on the winch and drive shaft, universal joints and splines.

250 hours – After the inaugural 250 hours your equipment runs on the worksite, check the oil. Replace engine break-in oil, and transmission and hydraulic oil filters. Take hydraulic and engine oil samples every 250 hours.

500 hours – Sample oil and check filters. Take fuel, axle, winch case, engine coolant and transmission oil samples. Also replace server duty, primary, and secondary filters. Be sure to check the engine oil filter and change the oil. Battery fluid levels and terminals should also be inspected. 1,000 hours – Clear the air and keep it cool. Replace air filter and cleaner unloader valve. A missing, damaged or hardened air cleaner unloader valve will make pre-cleaner ineffective, causing very short element life. The air cleaner unloader valve should suck closed above 1/3 engine speed. Change front and rear axle oils and grease the grapple rotate bearing. Check the engine coolant carefully. This is especially important for Tier III and newer machines.

2,000 hours – Change hydraulic cooler filter and change the transmission and clean suction strainer. If you have a winch, change the oil in the winch case. Replace the transmission breather filter, hydraulic tank breather, and hydraulic oil filter and oil. Also be sure to inspect the crankshaft dampener to be sure it will last another 2,000 hours before you have to replace it.