Free Delivery | Hy-Gard hydraulic/transmission oil replacement Trans/Hyd oil provides excellent performance and wear protection for all tractor manufacturers specifications hydraulic and transmission systems.

55 GAL Price Free Delivery

5 GAL Price Free Delivery

Tractor fluids meet or exceed virtually all tractor manufacturers specifications and can be used where any of the following are specified:

 John Deere Quatrol, J20A,-J20D, HY-Gard J14 B/C, Type 303, Case New Holland MS-1204, MS-1205 (TFD II), MS-1206(PTF),MS-1207(HyTran Plus),MS1209; MS-1210(TCH), B-6,(JIC-144),(JIC145),TFD(JIC-143 & 146);Hi-Vis (JIC-185). Massey-Ferguson M1110, M1127B, M1129A, M1135(European Spec.), M1141 (PermatranIII), White Farm Equip. Q1705, Q1722 Q1766B(UHTF), Q1802, Q1826, Ford-New Holland M2C134-A/B/C/D,M2C86-B/C(European Spec.), (M2C41-B)(M2C48-A/B),(M2C53-A/B) (M2C43), (M2C92-A). Deutz-Allis HTF ( PF821), 821XL, Caterpillar TO-2, IMT, International Hough (Dresser), KIOTA, KOMATSU, KOMATSU/Dresser, KUBOTA Universal Transdraulic Fluid (UTD), I.H.(B-6), Oliver Type 55, Steiger, Versatile, Hesston Fiat, and Elgin street sweepers, Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, Eaton Hydraulics, Vickers I-2986-S, M-2950-S and Sauer-Sunstrand Hydraulics, Cinci.-Milacron P-68, Agco-Allis, Allis Chalmers PF 821XL, Allison (ATD) C-3, C-2 Renk-Doromat 873 or 874A/B Bus Trans (Unmodified units only), Belarus, David Brown, McCormick Farmall, Minneapolis-Moline, Mitsubishi, New Idea, Universal, Valmet, Volvo WB-101, among others.