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Hydraulic Oil Suppliers for Injection Molding Machines - Price List

What model of hydraulic oil should be choosed for injection molding machine?

Oil type #46 hydraulic oil for injection molding machine. Temperature in customer’s place is very low all year round, can also choose #32 which has lower viscosity than #46.  Corresponding, if very hot, can choose #68.

Whether the hydraulic system of the machine can work normally, in addition to the reasonable design of the system, the quality of component manufacturing and maintenance and use, the applicability and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is a very important factor. As the working medium of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic oil not only transfers energy, but also protects the moving parts of lubricating elements from corrosion.

In particular, the current hydraulic technology continues to develop towards high pressure, integration, and miniaturization. Together with the application of electronic technology, it puts ever higher requirements on the reliability, sensitivity, stability and life of the hydraulic system. Therefore, injection molding The hydraulic system of the machine should use hydraulic oil with good performance and high cleanliness.

Sinopec L-HM 46 Antiwear Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality antiwear lubricant blended using selected and carefully refined high-quality mineral oils, combined with a multifunctional additive system, this hydraulic oil has been designed to meet the requirements of major hydraulic pump manufacturers, and its applications include hydraulic systems used in industrial and marine applications as well as in mobile machinery, specifically formulated for machines and equipment requiring an ISO VG 46, ISO 46 or AW 46 hydraulic oil.   

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