Hydraulic Oil for environmentally sensitive (forestry, logging, watercourse or aquifer) sensitivity exists

Ashless AW Zinc-free Hydraulic Oil is a premium ashless hydraulic oil which provides high performance in environmentally sensitive applications (i.e. forestry, logging); where watercourse or aquifer sensitivity exists or where legislation requires the use of ashless hydraulic oils. The oil is formulated from refined hydrocracked base stocks treated with special additives providing good anti-rust, anti-oxidant and anti-wear properties.


Ashless AW Zinc-free Hydraulic Oil has good demulsibility, high viscosity index to ensure excellent thermal stability and anti-foam properties that provide a high degree of equipment protection. It also combines with good filterability and low pour points t o allow operation under adverse conditions.


  • No Compatibility Issue:
    Compatible with zinc-based and other ashless hydraulic fluids, resulting in no miscibility problems in application.
  • Excellent Oxidation Stability:
    Capability to extend the oil drain interval resulting in reduced disposal costs. Potential to improve efficiency during the length of the oil drain
  • Good Sludge & Particulate Control:
    Improved filterability and consequently less downtime. Improved protection of critical components with tight tolerances, such as servo-valves and pumps
  • Superior Wear Protection:
    Delivering maximized equipment life and reduced maintenance costs
  • Excellent Hydrolytic Stability:
  • Improved protection and extended life of yellow metal parts of the equipment