Hydraulic Fluid for Freezing Weather / Cold Temp Hydraulic Oil / HVI Hydraulic Fluid High Viscosity Index


Extreme Low Temp - Freezing Weather Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

*Available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon drum/barrel size | Free Delivery / Free Fast Shipping!


SINOPEC Low Temp / Freezing Weather Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil is blended with highly refined hydrogenated base oil of high viscosity index and well-chosen special functional additives by internationally advanced process. It has low temperature performance L-HV low temperature anti-wear hydraulic oil, especially suitable for the lubrication of outdoor machinery in severe cold regions. 
Sinopec L-HV is a multi-viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic oil designed especially for high speed, high pressure, mobile equipment service, and machine tool applications.

Special Low Pour Hydraulic Oil is a special hydraulic oil with extra LOW POUR and LOW TEMPERATURE operating characteristics.  This oil is a heavy duty, high pressure, anti-wear fluid designed for high performance in cold weather operations without sacrificing any of the qualities that result in lower maintenance costs.


      ♦ With better cost performance ratio, capable of substituting L-HM and L-HV of same grade as well as imported low temperature hydraulic oil products

      ♦  With better high/low temperature performance and demusibility compared to L-HM, providing outstanding low temperature startup ability, low temperature fluidity and high temperature protection, effectively prolonging service life of oil

      ♦  Outstanding viscosity-temperature performance, shear and oxidation stabilities, small viscosity variation ensuring more stable work of hydraulic system

      ♦  Outstanding anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, prolonging service life of equipment

      ♦  Good anti-foaming, air release and demusibility performance

      ♦  Outstanding adaptability to seals, effectively preventing oil from leaking



      ♦  Especially suitable for outdoor machinery in severe freezing cold region in winter, and moderate/high pressure hydraulic system in conditions of large ambient temperature variation or severe condition, such as hydraulic system of engineering, construction, mining and oil field machineries as well as ships and vehicles