Hydraulic System Maintenance

Generally speaking, a baler is comprised of three major parts which are the machine body frame, the electric system and the hydraulic system. This article will focus on hydraulic system maintenance which plays an important role in making sure of smooth and long-last operation of hydraulic baling machines.

AW-46 Hydraulic Oil

Premium (AW-46) Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Fluid

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A baler’s hydraulic system consists of a pump, a motor, a reservoir (oil tank), pipes, hoses, cylinder(s), valves, filters, hydraulic oil and an optional cooling unit. Pump uses energy from the motor to pump the hydraulic oil and create hydraulic flow and pressure. Valves control the flow of the hydraulic oil by restricting or redirecting it. Cylinders have a straight, push-pull action. The cooling unit acts to cool down the hydraulic oil after it has gone through the system and the reservoir feeds the pump. Connecting all of these components are hoses, pipes and fittings.

The above components of hydraulic system work together intimately. Damage to one component may cause further damage to others. That’s why it is necessary to perform regular maintenance to decrease the chance of problems from happening. Following are some points to be checked and implemented:


1. Use the correct oil
For hydraulic balers, we recommend using viscosity grade ISO 46 hydraulic oil (exact grade depends on baler type and its working environment’s ambient temperature) please call: 1-855-405-6789 to speak with a specialist. 

2. Change the oil
Hydraulic oil gets degraded along with the time of use. If you continue to operate with the degraded oil, you compromise the hydraulic system’s service life and also the hydraulic pressure is reduced. For baling machines, we recommend changing oil 6 months after commencing operations (or after 1500 hours of operation); thereafter, hydraulic oil should be changed once every year (or after 3000 hours of operation).

3. Avoid the system from overheating
When the hydraulic system gets overheated, seal, valves, connectors, hoses etc can be damaged, and hydraulic oil degradation will also be accelerated. For baling presses, the system temperature needs to be kept under 60 degree Celsius for a safe and maximum operation. Depending on baler type, customer’s operating hours, ambient temperature etc. either air or water cooling devices are available to help avoid the hydraulic system from getting overheated.