(55Gal. - $495.00 - Free Delivery) HVI HYDRAULIC are supreme quality anti-wear hydraulic oils specially developed for applications subjected to wide range of temperature or where small viscosity change with fluctuating temperature is needed.

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They are formulated with severely hydro-processed Group II base oils, a highly shear stable polymer and an advanced additive system to meet the stringent requirements of modern hydraulic systems using high pressure high output pumps and critical requirement of other hydraulic system.

HVI HYDRAULIC have outstanding thermo-oxidative stability and their low & high temperature performance allows for extended service life. They provide excellent anti-wear property, rust & corrosion protection, water separation & air-release properties and hydrolytic stability to reduce breakdowns and help improve production capacity. Advantages of HVI HYDRAULIC are designed for hydraulic and power transmission systems subjected to a wide range of ambient & operating temperatures,requiring extended oil change intervals, and critical hydraulic systems. HVI HYDRAULIC SERIES are employed in hydraulic systems of excavators, cranes and hydrostatic drives subjected to most severe outdoor operating conditions, and hydraulic systems operating under high pressures and requiring high degree of load carrying capability and anti-wear protection.


DIN 51524 Part 3 HVLP • AFNOR NFE 48-603 (HV) • ISO 11158 HV • Poclain • Hitachi • Cincinnati Lamb • Eaton • Vickers • Denison