Today, Sinopec lubricants are supplied to many of Americas premier companies with operations across the country. Some of the current applications for Sinopec Lubricants in America include:

  • Large and medium mining contractors
  • Car dealerships for their vehicle servicing departments
  • On-road truck fleets
  • Research institutions
  • Every day mechanics, drillers, drivers, and anyone else that wants a premium lubricant for their engine.

Over the past five years, tens of millions of gallons of Sinopec Lubricants have been sold in the US without a single recorded product failure. In fact, superior product performance has been one of the main driving factors behind the success of the brand. There are many recorded incidences where Sinopec Lubricants have strongly outperformed the previous incumbent brand - all of this has been well documented through independent laboratory tests. As such, the brand has quietly grown over the years and now is one of the leading players in the industry.

Now you can also buy Sinopec Premium Lubricants online though the website and use them yourself. If you are unsure of which Sinopec lubricant is right for you. Being one of the largest lubricant companies in the world means that there will be a Sinopec Lubricant product right for you.