Nitrite Free (ELC NF) Antifreeze (55GAL. DRUM - $345.00 - FREE DELIVERY) 

Nitrite Free (ELC NF) Antifreeze (275GAL. TOTE - $1,380.00 FREE DELIVERY)  

Heavy Duty Nitrite Free Extended Life Antifreeze/ Coolant (ELC) is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) that is intended for use and compatible with ANY OAT Extended Life heavy duty antifreeze/ coolant in ANY diesel powered commercial vehicle engine or stationary engine with aluminum and other engine metals. Its patented, technologically advanced formulation is based upon a concentrated blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors designed to provide protection against temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale, and premature water pump failure.

ELC NF is compatible with other extended-life coolants. And it has no supplemental coolant additives (SCA) or extender use required for the life of the coolant. 

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