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Where Can I Purchase Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Texas? Delivered DEF Prices 

Diesel Exhaust Fluid, used in SCR vehicles, can be purchased at any licensed Diesel Exhaust Fluid supplier. Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers sell this high purity product which adheres to the ISO 22241 specification. This standard is a global criteria set by the ISO to help avoid low quality, damaging urea solutions being sold as Diesel Exhaust Fluid to the non road mobile machinery market.

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Suppliers of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, have to:

  • Be licensed to ensure their product meets the Diesel Exhaust Fluid specification
  • Distribute Diesel Exhaust Fluid correctly, to retain the integrity of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid specification

Supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid in:

  • 55 Gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid Drums
  • 275 & 330 Gallon IBCs
  • Bulk tanks
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