For fleets, bulk DEF management is a critical component of keeping the trucks on the road. Because of the need to maintain purity, it is not enough to start with the highest quality diesel exhaust fluid, your equipment for DEF storage, transfer and pumping has to be on par with your DEF to ensure what starts pure stays pure. Whether you are an owner operator or manage a large multi-location fleet, we have everything you need to ensure the DEF you put in your trucks meets or exceeds all EPA standards.



DEF is formulated to meet the stringent requirements of the API and the ISO 22241 standards. Using DEF, SCR technology reduces the NOx emissions of diesel engines while simultaneously improving fuel economy. This process requires DEF of the highest quality.

To help ensure the purity of DEF, we have a line of DEF storage and transfer equipment to meet the wide range of needs that our customers face. From bulk storage for indoor as well as insulated bulk DEF storage, to mobile storage and dispensing equipment, is your single source DEF solution.

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