Compatible CNC Machine Oil Supplier | Way Oil, #2 (ISO 68) 55-Gallon Drum

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Way Oil (ISO 68):

  • Designed Specifically for Milling Machines and other equipment
  • Suitable for most brands of lathes and milling machines, grinders, turning and machining centers, screw machines, manual, CNC, etc.
  • Excellent Anti Wear and Extreme Pressure Properties
  • Excellent Anti Stick-Slip Performance

This oil is suitable for use:

  • All of the small brass ball oiler locations equipment
  • Bearings and leadscrews (Carriage, cross slide, compound slide, leadscrew, tailstock, etc)
  • Gearboxes, when the ways are lubricated via a pump system from the gearbox
  • Milling Machine Ways, associated bearings and leadscrews
  • One shot lubrication pumps which oil ways, bearings and leadscrews
  • Excellent for both CNC and Manual applications
  • Excellent for Ball Screws
  • Formulated for both horizontal and vertical slide way systems
  • Great for use on planers, shapers, drilling machines, milling machines, lathes, screw machines, and much more
  • Excellent demulsibility as it separates from water easily
  • Anti Foam Properties
  • Excellent anti-wear and EP properties provide high level of protection for slideways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components
  • Good for use in gear boxes and feed mechanisms of all types with or without wet electro magnetic clutches

Technical Specifications:

  • API Gravity             28.39
  • Specific Gravity     0.885
  • Viscosity @ 40C      68
  • Viscosity Index       102
  • Flash Point          230C, 446F
  • FZG Scuffing Test, Fail Stag    13
  • Copper Strip Corrosion, 3h@100C 1B
  • Stick Slip Performance   <0.8


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