Tulux CF-2 40 is a marine engine oil for 2-stroke Detroit Diesel engines.

  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  • High anti-wear properties.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties.
  • Low sulfated ash content.

Monograde, heavy duty high performance low ash diesel engine oil for turbo and non turbo diesel engines. Specially developed for Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engines, which now recommend maximum .069% sulfated ash. Also can be used for other manufacturer’s engines requiring monograde engine oils.

• Tulux CF2 is suitable for all Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engines, in all applications including 149 engines used in Mine Haul trucks. Naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines. On and Off highway applications.

• Tulux CF2 is miscible and compatible with all brand name monograde and multigrade engine oils. Tulux CF2 protects against wear, deposits and corrosion all the time with the lowest oil consumption, meets the requirements of Detroit Diesel for valve seat deposit control. High thermal stability and oil oxidation resistance provides increased piston cleanliness. Increased engine cleanliness to combat engine wear. Able to operate at high temperatures without break down for longer periods. Lower oil consumption and longer engine life. Low ash technology to reduce risk of valve problems and deposits. Excellent TBN retention.

Specifications and Approvals Tulux CF2 Meets or Exceeds the following OEM approvals: API CF-2/ API SG ACEA E2 DETROIT 2-cycle 7SE270 MAN M270