(55Gallon - $275.00 - Free Delivery) The need to control toxic emissions from diesel combustion engines is ever-increasing. New technologies are being developed to manage the output of poisonous gasses like nitrogen oxide (NOx) from engine exhaust systems.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a method of controlling nitrogen oxide emissions. This process requires a diesel exhaust fluid, namely AdBlue, to be  injected into the exhaust pipe after the engine to help convert the poisonous NOx into harmless water and nitrogen.

AdBlue contains water and high grade urea, a compound of nitrogen. When the fluid gets hot, the water evaporates and the urea converts to ammonia. The ammonia reacts with a special catalyst in the SCR muffler and converts the NOx to nitrogen and water. Special sensors in the tailpipe monitor the amount of NOx being released and adjust the injection of AdBlue to control the NOx output to required levels.

Cummins Filtration manufactures AdBlue at our various blending sites throughout Australia. The AdBlue name is synonymous with high grade DEF, controlled through strict ISO standards, which ensures it is suitable for use in all SCR systems. Inferior product can cause damage to SCR systems, resulting in costly repairs and downtime.

Cummins Filtration is the only accredited manufacturer of AdBlue that also manufactures the equipment (known as integrated aftertreatment systems) in which it is used. Through our Cummins Emissions Solutions (CES) division we are the major supplier to heavy duty truck manufacturers of integrated aftertreatment systems in Australia.

Don’t compromise on quality and expertise when it comes to AdBlue. Our comprehensive distribution network supplies product in various sizes to suit any business need including bulk and packaged supply.