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DEF Fluid Diesel Exhaust Fluid - 55 Gallon Drum Barrel | MSDS-SDS-PDS

Wholesale Sale Price: DEF Fluid Diesel Exhaust Fluid - 55 Gallon Drum Barrel $200.00/Each | DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid - 55 Gallon Drum: Automotive. List Price: Sale Price: $200.00 + FREE Shipping.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a key element of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process used by many medium- and heavy-duty engine builders to meet EPA 2010 regulations. BlueDEF is a non-toxic solution of 67.5% purified water and 32.5% ultra-pure automotive-grade urea. BlueDEF helps convert NOx into nitrogen gas and water vapor, two harmless components of the air we breathe.

Features + Benefits

  • DEF is not a fuel or a fuel additive
  • Meets ISO Standards 22241 for purity and composition
  • An American Petroleum Institute (API) certified diesel exhaust fluid
  • Capacity (gal.) 55




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